Jewellery care - How to look after the jewellery and what to use


Restringing Bracelets

Over time your gorgeous bracelets may stretch, check it from time to time, as it may need to be restrung. Restringing bracelets will be £5 (plus p&p), please contact me by email to...  more  


All my spiritual jewellery is handmade with intention and love, and frequency infused. There will be a 3 month warranty from date of purchase.   more  

Delivery and packaging

All spiritual jewellery is individually wrapped, and put in a pillow box, with a bow tied round it. All boxes are eco-friendly and kind to the environment.  more  

Sizing your bracelet

To find the correct wrist size use either a tape measure or piece of string, then measure against a ruler. If you are in-between or if you’re not sure then I recommend to buy one, ...  more  

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